Hamstring Strain

Hamstring Tear

What is a Hamstring Tear? 

Why is rehabilitation so important for an athlete who has a hamstring tear? 

What rehabilitation protocols should we follow?

Watch the video to find out! 

The hamstring group is made up of 3 muscles. The; Bicep Femoris, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus. 

Hamstring Tears are one of the most common injuries in the footballing world, accounting for a whopping 40% of all injuries in the Premier League 2018-19 season. The most common way that the hamstring muscles are injured in football, is due to the over extension of the hip and knee which can often occur in football when reaching for the ball, or making a tackle. 

There are 3 grades of hamstring tears and this can be diagnosed by the symptoms present in the athlete, or via a ultrasound scan. Grade 1 is considered a minor tear, where the muscle has simply stretched more than normal. Whereas grade 3 is considered a complete tear (rupture).

Grade 2 Hamstring Strain Rehab in football
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